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1) All Weekly writers are expected to make their submission at least 5,000 words. If it is not 5,000 words (or does not show the effort of someone who wrote 5,000 words), then you will not get full credit. If you do not have 5,000 words for the tryout, you will not make the staff.

2) Cheating of any sort is not tolerated at all. Articles will be checked, and trust me, I'm pretty damn good at catching cheaters. Failure to comply will result in immediate release from Weekly, as well as a 0 for that week. Additional punishment (e.g. banning from the league) will probably occur as well.

3) While on WBL Weekly, you are allowed to do ONE five point update (Article, Interview, Trivia) OR TWO three point updates {Bio, Journal, Trash) in addition to your Weekly.

4) You may also do spreads and websites along with your Weekly update.

5) If any writer misses two weeks in a row (except in special situations), they will be kicked off staff. Any writer in the league may then try out for his/her spot.

6) All writers must submit their Weekly on a website. Emails with the text of your weekly will not be accepted. If you need help with getting it on a website, please feel free to ask.

7) Weekly is due at noon every Sunday Weekly is in session. Extensions may be granted, but it should be in at this time.

8) And the most important rule of all: Have fun!

- Dawg



WBL Weekly: 2014 Season. Webmaster: Dawg.
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