Welcome to the first edition of Fantasy Baseball Weekly! I am very excited about this weeks issue, because I have been able to get a few WBL players available to do an expert mock draft! Here were the basic rules:


1. It would be 6 teams and would consist of 8 rounds.

2. Mock drafters are to assume that they are drafting for next year.

3. The positions will be as follows: 2 IF, 2 OF, 2 SP, 1 RP, 1 Utility—Utility is an offensive player that can play any position.

4. The draft would be a snake draft

5. The order would be:

                1. Tsao

                2. Guzzy

                3. Kip

                4. Rhiner

                5. Me

                6. Shipal


Ok, ok, enough of the boring stuff. Onto the draft! Note: To increase the suspense, I will describe round 8, then round 7, and so on and so forth…


1. Shipal - Sideeq Shabazz, C
2. Me - Sam Hill, C
3. Rhiner - Christopher Hequnia, 3B
4. Kip - Kal Jordan, SS
5. Guzzy - Carmello Jackson, SP
6. Tsao - Josh Andrews, SS


8.1 Shipal - For some reason, Shipal was on a mission to get every bad/inactive player in the league. He held true to his strategy by picking banned catcher, Sideeq Shabazz. In the 8th round, however, its not a horrible pick, but not a good one either. Notice he could have picked star catcher Sam Hill.


8.2 Me – I was pleasantly surprised to see catcher Sam Hill available in the 8th round. He had a great sophmore season, hitting almost 50 dingers and 100 runs and RBI. I am expecting even bigger numbers from him next year, because in my mind he can only improve.


8.3 Rhiner – Rhiner took inactive Christopher Hequinia. Heqaiunu didn’t have stellar stats—5 hr, 41 RBI—but he did show that he is a good defensive player and he has shown the ability to steal bases as well. Heqaiunu will give his team a big boost in average, seeing that he hit .322 last season. All in all, it wasn’t a bad pick this late in the draft.


8.4 Kip – Kal Jordan was picked here. I was very surprised at this pick, seeing that Kal had a horrible season. However, I then realized that he is the second player of A NX, who is one of, if not the best player in the league. Therefore, this guy must be destined for greatness, and I think that this may have been the sleeper pick of the draft.


8.5 Guzzy – Guzzy took Carmello Jackson. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…with a name like Carmello, you have to be a star! Guzzy was originally going to take Carmello a few rounds earlier, but he wisely decided to wait and was lucky enough to get him in the eighth round. Carmello had a decent season with a 3.58 ERA, but if you take a look at his wins (12) you can see that he is very valuable to fantasy owners. This was a great pick at 8.5.


8.6 Tsao –Josh Andrews had the honor of being called “Mr. Insignificant.” Tsao took him with the last pick in the draft. This was a pretty good pick. There was no real established players left, so Tsao took a chance on a relative unknown who may blow up next season. Josh played very well the last month of the season, batting around .300. I believe Tsao is looking for that type of production to continue next year.


1. Tsao - Carson Wheeler, RP
2. Guzzy - Jermaine Guzman, CF
3. Kip - Andew Biggs, LF
4. Rhiner - Tony Kobbs, 3B
5. Me - Mike Domas, RP
6. Shipal - James Conway, CF


7.1 Tsao – Tsao took his RP with the seventh round pick. It was a solid pick, considering Wheeler is playing for the most winning team in the league. Wheeler should get plenty of save opportunities and is a solid pick.


7.2 Guzzy – Was there any doubt Guzzy would take his own player? Not in my mind (LOL). Jermaine has not had a good year, batting .227. He does have 40 dingers, although that great number of homeruns was only able to produce 65 RBI. However, I am sure that Guzzy knows more about this player then I do, so I am going to assume that this is a very good pick.


7.3 Kip – Kip took Great Britain starting LF, Andrew Biggs. Andrew is a good player and also Rhiner’s second player. Everyone knows how good Rhiner is, so I expect big things from Andrew Biggs as well.


7.4 Rhiner – Rhiner chose the young gun Tony Kobbs with this pick. For some reason, when he made this pick Kip Wesley and Guzzy both yelled, “Whoa.” I am not sure why, I guess to them this was a very surprising pick. But in any case, I think it was a very good choice. Kobbs has shown that he is a great player and he has only played 2 seasons. He should continue to improve and I believe that this was a great pick.


7.5 Me – I selected Mike Domas. I needed a relief pitcher badly, and Mike had 24 saves last year! Granted, he may be a fluke, but I’ll take my chances. Plus, he had a good ERA last year too—2.44.


7.6 Shipal – Shipal took James Conway on his quest for horrible players. Conway was once very good in this league, but he has been ineffective the past few seasons. Clearly, there is no logic to any of Shipal’s picks, and it is obvious he wants to pick a horrible team. Therefore, Conway was a good pick for him…


1. Shipal - Quentin Vidro, 2B
2. Me - Kip Wesley, LF
3. Rhiner - Shawn Baig, 2B
4. Kip – Smitty Springfield, SS
5. Guzzy – Chin Hui Tsao, SP
6. Tsao - James Sirbeepalot Jr., 3B


6.1 Shipal - Well, Shipal decided to choose a minor leaguer with his sixth round pick… Quentin Vidro should be a good player, but not great, at least not great anytime soon. This was a pretty bad pick, but once again, Shipal was on a mission to assemble the worst team possible, and this was a step in the right direction.


6.2 Me – I took Kip Wesley. I was in need of an outfielder, and I thought Kip was the best on the board. He gives you everything you need: Average, stolen bases, runs, RBI’s, and he leads the league in at bats. I think his player will improve on this season, so this is why I took him.


6.3 Rhiner – Rhiner selected Shawn Baig. I must say that Baig had an impressive average this year--he batted .362! This is very solid production and it makes for a great pick. However, there is one thing that worries me: This was a contract year for Shawn. Could that mean that he played well in order to get that big contract next year and then stop trying to improve?


6.4 Kip – With the 34th overall selection, Kip chose Smitty Springfield. Smitty is a proven veteran and a great pick at 34 overall. He has a LIFETIME batting average of .332. Last year, he batted .370. He is guaranteed to be good and I think Kip made the right choice. I was surprised to see Smitty go this late, and I thought that Rhiner would definitely take him, but I was mistaken.


6.5 Guzzy – Guzzy chose “The Mighty Chink!” I think it was a solid pick, but there were better players on the board (i.e Carmello Jackson) but he ended up getting Melo anyways in the eighth round, so this was an ok pick. Tsao’s abilities aren’t amazing, but he had a pretty good year. He had a 2.80 ERA and recorded 9 wins. He should improve next season and we will see if his stats improve as well.


6.6 Tsao – Sircumalot was Tsao’s pick. The veteran 3B had a lackluster year, but he really turned it up a notch after being traded to the Eastern Hemisphere. I am guessing that Tsao believed that James’s great finish will continue on to the start of next season, and I can’t say I disagree. Sircumalot is a proven veteran and even if he starts out bad he will eventually even everything out.


1. Tsao - Sam Baig, RF
2. Guzzy - Francisco Rodriguez, SP/RP
3. Kip - Tom Kenny, SP/RP
4. Rhiner - Ty Quigly, SP/RP
5. Me - Alex Zito, C
6. Shipal - Justin Hinkley, SP


5.1 Tsao – Sam Baig was Tsao’s choice. I feel it was a very solid pick. Sam has been around the league since the onset, and he has yet to have a bad season. Last year, he had 77 homeruns and 133 RBI, an off-season if you compare it to the year before—99 homeruns and 211 RBI. Next season should be similar to last season, but a little bit better, so as far as I’m concerned Tsao got a steal here in the fifth round.


5.2 Guzzy – Guzzy selected K-rod. This was a very solid choice because K-rod plays for one of the best teams in the league—GB--and gets his share of wins. It was also a very smart pick. You see, K-rod is a starting pitcher, but in yahoo fantasy leagues he can also be in your lineup as a relief pitcher. Seeing that there was a lack of good relief pitchers, Guzzy made the smart choice and took K-rod.


5.3 Kip – Kip took his buddy, Tom Kenny. It was a bit of a biased choice, but like Guzzy’s pick, Tom Kenny can be placed at either starting pitcher or relief pitcher. This versatility is a great advantage and Kenny was a great pick. Kenny had an okay season, and I am sure Kip has some inside info and he has a good reason for taking Kenny at the 5.3 spot. 


5.4 Rhiner – Rhiner took Ty Quigly. I have to question the logic here; Ty Quigly has proven to be a good player, but not fifth round worthy. However, just like the two picks before him, Ty has the versatility to play both starting pitcher and relief pitcher. I do not know why three SP/RP were taken in a row. Perhaps they like it because they could get more wins with a converted RP--Wins are worth more points than saves in yahoo public leagues.

5.5 Me – I needed another infielder, so I took WBL legend Alex Zito. I am banking on the fact that he has a rebound season next year. From what I hear, Alex is upset with the off-season he has had last year, and he wants to work hard in the off-season to get back to the top. I believe him, and I expect big things from this WBL veteran next season.


5.6 Shipal – He took Justin Hinkley. Justin would be a solid pick in the last round of the draft, but he shouldn’t be picked here. This is a pretty bad pick. However, perhaps Shipal is a drafting genius and even though we think all of these players he is picking are horrendous, they might actually turn out to be great. Either that or he’s an idiot…




1. Shipal - Ace Hurley, RP
2. Me - J. D. Boom, C
3. Rhiner - Blake Roberts, 2B
4. Kip – Imagonna Strikeuout, RP
5. Guzzy - Shammond Guzman, 2B
6. Tsao – Schultz, C


4.1 Shipal – Well, Shipal did get an underrated player in Ace Hurley. Ace has been slowly but surely making a name for himself. Ace has some talent. His managers have been raving about how much better he has become since he first came into the league. That being said, this would have been a great pick in like the tenth round--if we had one--but Ace is an insane pick in the fourth round.

4.2 Me – I chose catcher J.D. Boom with my fourth round selection. I was very surprised to see that he had dropped to me because everyone knows that Boom is a WBL legend as well as one hell of a player. In retrospect, I should have went with catcher Gerald Schultz. Schultz can be compared to Boom talent wise, but that thing that sets him apart is his versatility. He is able to play catcher, first base, or outfield.


4.3 Rhiner – Rhiner easily got the steal of the draft in Blake Roberts. Blake should have been a first round pick. He is the best second baseman in the WBL and is among the best players in the league. He is a seasoned, experienced veteran.  If this were a real draft and we were actually having a real league, I would say that Rhiner would win it all solely because of this move. It was a great pick.


4.4 Kip – Kip got another steal by selecting Closer Imagonna Strikeuout. This was a good pick for a variety of reasons. One, Imagonna has quickly asserted himself as one of the league’s best pitchers and he shows no stop of slowing down. And two, although most people don’t know this, Imagonna will be a starting pitcher next season. This means he will be eligible at both starting pitcher and relief pitcher in yahoo fantasy leagues. This versatility is very valuable.


4.5 Guzzy – Guzzy took himself (Shammond Guzman). I fully expected him to do this because he is a very arrogant man (just joking). No, he took Shammond because he knows Shammond better than all of us. He knows how much Shammond will improve. I can’t say I disagree with this pick either. Shammond was ranked as the best player on the board at this time on my cheat sheet. His type of power is rare for a second baseman, which is very useful.


4.6 Tsao – Well, Tsao took the player I should have taken, Gerald Schultz. Gerald is among the league’s best hitters and he is also among the league’s most versatile players as well. The ability to play three positions is hard to find, and it is a great asset to fantasy owners. This versatility especially comes in handy when you have lost a player due to an injury. It makes it much easier to find a fill in.


1. Tsao - Big Poppa, SP
2. Guzzy – Joe Slugga, 1B
3. Kip - Daryll Fink, SP
4. Rhiner - Chad Slugga, SP
5. Me - Tidiggity Dawg, SP
6. Shipal - Ace Shap, SP

3.1 Tsao – Cy Young winner Big Poppa was chosen here. Big Poppa is the classic example of an overachiever. Many have said that he has good talent. None have said that he has great talent. Yet, he continues to prove he is a great pitcher. Fantasy owners take note that Big Poppa was taken this late. He will slip very far in most yahoo fantasy leagues. Most managers just don’t believe in Big Poppa.


3.2 Guzzy – Joe Slugga will go very early in most fantasy drafts, yet he dropped all the way to the fourth round in this expert mock draft. Joe has been one of the most reliable and consistent players in the league. He seems to have a great year every year.  He has been in the league for a long time; he even won the first MVP.  In short, Joe is the type of guy that can carry a fantasy team. If you can get him any later than the second round you will have a great steal, in my opinion.


3.3 Kip – I have to question the choice of Daryll Fink this early in the draft. True, Fink has been a great player throughout most of his career, but I think his age may have finally caught up with him. He was average at best last year with an ERA just over four. On top of all that he isn’t even on a team yet. His salary is so high; I wouldn’t be surprised if no one picks him up either. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this guy. Only take him if you want to take a chance on a sleeper in the late rounds of the draft.


3.4 Rhiner – Chad Slugga was picked by Rhiner. Chad is among the best hitting pitchers in the WBL, but unfortunately that’s not going to matter to you. He is a great pitcher as well, however. A solid pick here in the fourth round, Chad will give you a lot of wins and a solid ERA. It seems like everyone who is on Great Britain gets at least ten wins, so keep that in mind for future drafting reference. Also, Chad is a relative of Joe Slugga, who we all know is great. So, Chad has some good fantasy genes.


3.5 Me – Clearly, I took the best player in the draft. I just can’t say enough about Tidiggity Dawg. He is such a great baseball player, not to mention such a great guy with the ladies. Ok, back to reality… I chose myself here. I think that I will do a great job for fantasy owner this year. If you can get me anywhere past the second round than consider yourself lucky because you just got a steal. Look for me to be one of the premiere pitchers by the end of the season. Jeremy Shirley, watch out, because Tidiggity Dawg is going to take his spot among the elite pitchers this seasons.


3.6 Shipal – Ace Shap is a really solid player. Fantasy owners should remember him in those late rounds of the draft. He could be a huge sleeper. His coaches say he is improving very fast and if he keeps up this pace of improving he could be a great addition to your fantasy lineups. One thing, though, I wouldn’t suggest taking Ace this early in the draft. Even if he does improve dramatically this year, he won’t be fourth round talent. In the years to come, maybe, but not this year.


1. Shipal - Dice Jackson, 1B
2. Me - Ken Griff, CF
3. Rhiner - Max Powers, SP
4. Kip -  Seneca Wallace, SP
5. Guzzy - Paul Levesque, SP
6.  Tsao - Dustin Parmalee, SP


2.1 Shipal – Dice Jackson, what a, err, interesting… pick. I think we are all well aware of Shipal’s mission to assemble the worst fantasy team ever. And I think we all can agree that taking Dice Jackson in the second round is a great step towards accomplishing this feat. Dice is a very solid sleeper, I must admit. He is improving pretty fast and he is on a good team. Most of the time this is a recipe for fantasy success.


2.2 Me – I took Griff. He has been among the league leaders in almost every category for a while now. He will give fantasy owners great power as well as solid defense for those deeper yahoo fantasy leagues. On top of all that, he’ll nab a few stolen bases here and here. I guess you could compare Griff to Vladimir Guererro of the MLB. Both give you everything you need. Fantasy owners would be wise to add Griff to their lineups.


2.3 Rhiner – Max Powers is a stud. By the numbers, he may be the best fantasy pitcher of all time. I mean, he’s been in the league for seven or so years and he has less than ten career wins! This is he definition of consistency and if you have Powers on your team you are guaranteed an impact player. I like this pick. Even though many have said that Powers’s numbers will drop because he is going to go to an expansion team, I still think that he will remain one of the leagues greats.


2.4 Kip – Kip selected Seneca Wallace. This was a bad pick in my mind. I just don’t see Seneca putting up second round numbers this year. Seneca is getting old and as a result his numbers are starting to drop. Also, he hasn’t shown any improvement in the last few years. He had a stellar year last year (made the all-star game), but I do not think that this will continue much longer. The league is getting too good too fast for the old man Seneca to keep up. Stay away from him until the later rounds of the draft.


2.5 Guzzy – Levesque was Guzzy’s selection. Paul Levesque is a great fantasy player. In my opinion, he is among the top five fantasy pitchers in the game, and I expected him to go about here. Paul gets plenty of run support from his teams, so therefore Paul will give you a lot of wins, a great ERA, and a bunch of strikeouts. Because of this, he is a great pick in those yahoo rotisserie leagues, because he will give you a little bit… well, a lot, of everything. What more could you ask for?


2.6 Tsao – You could argue that Dustin Parmelee is the biggest overachiever in the history of the WBL. Scouts say that he has good ability, but not great. However, Dustin has been simply amazing throughout his whole career. He has a 1.70 career ERA and in his career he only has ten losses. This is an impressive feat and fantasy players should take not of his consistency through the years. Parmelee will be a steal anywhere outside of the first round in the draft.


1. Tsao - A NX, 3B
2. Guzzy - Southworth, CF
3. Kip - Rhiner, 1B
4. Rhiner - Shawn Walker, RF
5. Me - Jeremy Shirley, SP
6. Shipal - TJ Farrel, RP


1.1 Tsao - With the first pick in the 2009 WBL fantasy mock draft, Tsao selects…A NX! That’s right, A NX won the first spot in our mock draft. And it is well deserved if I do say so myself. A NX had a monster year for the Menace. He did so good he even earned MVP honors. Also, we must ask ourselves if Montreal would have won it all if not for A NX, and I don’t think they could have. Overall, A NX is a great fantasy player and is well worth spending your first pick in the draft on.


1.2 Guzzy – Well, one of the most influential ever in baseball was selected by Guzzy. Marc Southworth is the most respected player in the league. He continues to have amazing season, after amazing season. WBL players cringe in fear as they step to the plate to face him. I once heard a story that Southworth hit Joe Slugga because he was crowding the plate and Slugga said nothing, and you know how crazy Joe Slugga can get. Southworth is a great addition to your fantasy team, and is basically a no-brainer pick.


1.3 Kip – Rhiner was a good pick here. The self proclaimed “League’s biggest secret,” Jason Rhiner is not a secret anymore in my book. After a great season last year, I am fully expecting him to put up better numbers. I also have some inside info for you fantasy readers: Rhiner has informed me that he will be perfect by the end of the season, and I can’t say I disagree. He has been improving at a great pace. Rhiner has been dropping in a lot of fantasy leagues, so I suggest you look for him late in the first round or even the second round if you’re lucky.


1.4 Rhiner – I bet Rhiner was disappointed that he couldn’t take himself, but he still got a stud in Shawn Walker. This league MVP hit 91 homeruns last year and he had great overall numbers. You can’t go wrong in taking a guy like Shawn Walker. If I were Rhiner, though, I would have to take Jeremy Shirley at this spot in the draft, but I guess that’s because I am a pitcher and he is a hitter…


1.5 Me – Hmm, who should I take… of course I took Jeremy Shirley! I was very surprised to get Jeremy this late in the draft—yes, fifth overall is late for Jeremy Shirley. I thought for sure that Jeremy would be the first pick, and if not the first definitely in the top three. But no, I was wrong. I’m happy with Jeremy in this spot. Fantasy owners should take note of how Jeremy dropped this low. Don’t let him slip past you in your yahoo fantasy leagues.


1.6 Shipal – Well, we have come to the end of the mock draft. Shipal took T. J. Farrel with his first round pick. TJ is a solid young guy who could become great. Still, however, I do not see him as first round talent. It seems that Mujuri just wanted to make the worst team ever, and I must admit, taking TJ Farrel in the first round was a step in the right direction.


Overall Impressions

I thought the draft went pretty smoothly. Overall, I think that Tsao may have drafted the best out of all of us. He seemed to really do his homework. Obviously, Shipal drafted the worst. He tried to cover up his lack of fantasy drafting skill by saying he just wanted to draft players who he didn’t like because his team name was, “Gay Ass Onlyz….” And as I said before, I think that he succeeded. Overall, I thought that there were a lot of guys that our mock drafters just forgot about, so therefore they were drafted way later than they should have. For example, Sam Hill definitely should have gone earlier than the last round, but everyone (except me) had basically forgotten about him.


Biggest Surprise(s)

Shammond taking himself was the biggest surprise of the draft… No, not really. In my mind, the biggest surprise was a tie between Shirley going fifth overall and Schultz going in the fourth round. Shirley is the best player in the league, and I am sure not many would argue with me that he is not. All fantasy players know that Shirley will have an amazing season for you. Yet, in the mock draft he went fifth. I just don’t understand. Schultz was another guy that dropped too far. He has proved to have some of the best stats in the league, and on top of all this, he is extremely versatile because he has the ability to play three positions. I can’t emphasize enough how much of an advantage it is to have a guy as versatile as Schultz.


Best Pick

This was a close one between two fourth round picks: Tsao choosing Gerald Schultz and Kip choosing Imagonna Strikeuout. In the end, I think Kip made the better pick. Imagonna is improving at a pace not seen in this league since the early days of Marc Southworth. Along with this massive improvement, Imagonna is also rumored to switch to a starting pitcher role. This is great news to fantasy managers because Imagonna will be more valuable at the starting pitching slot. Also, if he becomes a starter pitcher, he will also be available at both relief pitcher and starting pitcher in fantasy leagues, which is invaluable.


Worst Pick

Well, I suppose we could give every one of Shipal’s picks the worst pick award, so instead I’ll do the ninth worst pick… The ninth worst pick, I’m sorry to say, goes to Kip Wesley. Taking Daryll Fink with his third pick makes little to no sense. Daryll has been very ineffective in the past few seasons. There were many pitchers still there that were light-years ahead of Fink. For example, he was able to take Imagonna Strikeuout the next round, and he could have easily taken Imagonna instead of Fink here in the third round too. Ironically, Kip Wesley had the best pick and the worst pick—well, the ninth worst pick…but if Shipal wasn’t drafting it would be the worst.


Well, the mock draft part of this article is finally over. I hope you enjoyed it, much time and effort has gone into it in order to make it possible. I would like to thank Kip Wesley, Shammond Guzman, Jason Rhiner, Tsao AKA “The Mighty Chink,” Mujuri Shipal, and last, but definitely not least myself (hey, this was a lot of work!).



Fantasy Cheat Sheet

You know, I know that not all of the fantasy players out there can be as good at drafting at my peers and I am, so I’ve took the liberty of creating a little cheat sheet for you guys. When you use this, don’t always choose the highest guy on the list, sometimes you want to draft a guy a little farther down on the list in order to fill a need or because he is at a position that is scarce. For example, say all of the good catchers were taken except Alex Zito, but Shawn Baig is there. Even though Baig is higher you still might want to draft Zito. Just remember, this is a guide, not something that must be followed to a tee.



A NX (2B, 3B) A NX

Southworth (OF) Southworth

Slugga (1B, SS) Slugga

Rhiner (1B) Rhiner

Baig (OF) Baig

Schultz (C, 1B, OF) Schultz

Roberts (1B, 2B) Roberts

Guzman (2B) Guzman

Walker (OF) Walker

Griff (OF) Griff

Boom (C) Boom

Baig (2B, SS) Baig

Sam Hill (C) Hill

Alex Zito (C, 3B) Zito

Smitty (2B, SS) Springfield

Andrews (SS) Andrews

Beep (3B) Sirbeepalot Jr

Kobbs (3B) Kobbs

Distacio (SS) Distasio

Guzman (OF) Guzman

Amato (2B) Amato

Smith (3B, SS) Smith

Biggs (OF) Biggs

Newcomer (2B) Newcomer

Kip Wesley (OF) Wesley

La Roche (3B, SS) La Roche

Glenn Wiggins (1B) Wiggins

Victor Vargas (C) Vargas

Torlone (OF) Torlone

Montgomery (2B, OF) Montgomery

Jackson (1B) Jackson

Patterson (1B) Patterson

Conway (OF) Conway

Travers (OF) Travers

Brock Weathers (3B) Weathers

Jordan (SS) Jordan

Lawley (OF) Lawley, Jr.

Domas Jr. (OF) Domas

Hernandez (OF) Hernandez



Shirley (SP) Shirley

Levesque (SP, RP) Levesque

Parmelee (SP, RP) Parmelee

Powers (SP) Powers
Strikeuout (SP, RP) Strikeuout

K-Rod (SP, RP) Rodriguez

Digg (SP) Dawg

Slugga (SP) Slugga

Lawley (SP, RP) Lawley

Kyle Smith (SP) Smith

Southworth (SP) Southworth II

Shipal (SP) Shipal

Torlone (SP) Torlone

Worrel (SP) Worrell

Martinez (SP, RP) Martinez

Jackson (SP) Jackson

Griff Jr. (SP) Griff, Jr.

May Jr. (SP, RP) May Jr.

Poppa (SP, RP) Poppa

Quigly (SP, RP) Quigly

Poole (SP) Poole

Tom Kenny (SP, RP) Kenny

Vaughn (SP, RP) Vaughn

Farrel (RP) Farrell

Kurz (RP) Kurz



Fantasy Sleepers

Here are the guys to look for in the later rounds of the draft when you want to take a risk. Some say leagues are won and lost in these later rounds, so here’s a little help.


Hinkley SP – Could be a great fourth pitcher for you fantasy squad.

Z. Kobbs SP – A young guy who might become good.

Ace Shapp SP – Another of the young starting pitchers who might break out.

Deter SS – This guy is gold. He is guaranteed to be good.

Demayo SP – May be good, may not, but it might be worth the shot.

David May 2B – This guy is a wildcard. Take a chance.

A. Naiditch 2B, SS – I have a feeling he’ll be good this year.

Tsao SP – I really like this guy’s game. Look for him to have a great year.

Shabazz C – Won’t see much improvement from this guy, but he’s solid.

Jamie Cliff SP – Good starting pitcher.

Justin Lewis SP – The WBL veteran is looking to return to dominance.

Daryl Fink SP – If you can get him late you might as well take him, his ability is great.


Well, that’s all for this edition of Fantasy Baseball Weekly (or FBW for short). I hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully if my superiors liked it you’ll be reading more articles just like this!

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