This week for WBL Weekly Burn Out I thought we should do a break down of every team and a break down for every single card of the 2004 set.




The Santo Domingo Rush started off the season they didnít want to happen. They are in fourth place in there division. They have two wins and three losses to start the season off. There player who is doing the best is Blake Robertís. He has 3 homeruns and 7 Runs Batted In. Santo Domingo has had some troubles with the WBL and all the expansion teams because all there good players are going to the expansion teams. A lot of teams are having a problem with that and Santo Domingo has to do something about it. There record has dropped far down and they arenít doing good at all. Santo Domingo only has a couple good players. They arenít showing that they are the best though. Blake Roberts and Lawley have to step up to the plate and help this team out! If you arenít going to do that then you will have some problems with your team.

Who I Expect The Most Out Of- Paul Levesqure is the go to guy for this team, he is by far one of the best players in the WBL but isnít really showing that. I think Paul has to just get in the groove of playing good and really just help this team out. There really isnít much more you can ask from this guy. He is 1-1 and should be 2-0. Paul just isnít playing like I thought he would so really I donít know what this team is in for this season because they arenít showing to me they are the best.

Who I Expect Will Hit The Homeruns- At the rate this team is going I donít know who to pick. Blake Robertís is the one I expect will hit the most homeruns for this team. I donít think he will hit that much but I do think he will hit the most homeruns on his team. Blake Robertís is the guy they need on offense to step up and show what they got. With out him they might never score a run. They need to help the pitcher out so that he can do his job. Blake is the guy that I hope is doing it. Also if Blake doesnít hit the homeruns it might be a pitcher because this team isnít doing good!

Montreal is ranked number 2 in there division and are having a 4-1 season. Montrealís line-up looks like the might have another ring on the line here. Montreal is doing great and they have a great everything. There MR got there loss so there isnít anything to worry about. There pitching staff is playing grade and Jeremy already has 30 something Strikeouts. In two games a guy can do that. A NX is there best man and Sam Baig is there seconded best man. They need to get the most out of these players for there team to advance to the play-offís and make the fans amazed.

Who I Expect The Most Out Of- Jeremy Shirley is the guy I think will play the hardest for this team. In Both of his games he had over 15 strikeoutís which is very good. This guy plays hard and this is really what you want out of a player like him. Jeremy needs to not lose a game for this team and he will be one of the best ever. Jeremy is just so amazing and fun to play with that you never no what he is going to pitch. Jeremy will show the hardest work out of all these people.

Who I Expect To Hit The Most Homeruns- A NX is the guy that will hit the most homeruns. He is fit for that even though I donít think he will get over 90 homeruns. A NX will help this team out even though he already is. If they want to win games they have to have power and they have to think they are going to win. Play like they are going to win and than WIN! A NX has all of that but he doesnít use it that much. Last year was the year I think he used it most. I think he will get in the 80ís for homeruns.

St. Louis is in3rd place for there division. As many people said he St. Louis Stallions would be good one season and I think this is there season. They have a great line-up really an all-star line-up. Alex Zito is playing great and so are a lot of other players. I think this might be there year to victory. They have a great staff and should be one of the best in the league.

Who I Expect The Most Out Of- Tidiggity Dawg I think I expect the most out of because he plays so hard in is just a great player in the WBL. He has his brother in the league to and both together are just a great mix. I canít wait to see both of these guys play in the World Series together one starts and one relieves. That would be a lot of fun for both of them I am guessing. Dawg is just such a great and active player that there is so much to say about him. I think he was the one that made this team the best. He got so many people to join this league. I think everyone should pay a lot to him.

Who I Expect To Hit The Most Homeruns- Alex Zito will hit the most homeruns for this team. He has the most homerun points so it is kind of obvious. There really isnít anyone that is like him on the team. He will lead this team a far way and should make them one of the top teams in the WBL. I canít wait to see Alex hit a Grand Slam homerun. Alex is just so fun to watch and see how the hit homeruns. The St. Louis Stallions will be maybe the next team to win the World Series.

This is a great team. They are a very powered team but they need to do some changes. They donít have the best pitching line-up and the back of the line-up for hitters isnít good. One through four you can deal with but other than that you may have a problem. They have J.D Boom who is a Key player in this league. He already has 6 homeruns and leads in that two. The tide have a great owner and I canít wait to see this team when they have a great line-up. The tide hopefully will be one of the best and end up in the play-offís. They have K-Rod who is a great player.

Who I Expect The Most Out Of- I think that K-Rod and J.D Boom will show the most for this team. Although they arenít doing the best they are showing the most effort on the field. I think that these players will both soon get in the groove and really whoop the league in half. Both of these players are the best on there team. The funny thing is J.D is the only one who has hit a homerun on the team which shows you that he is great. K-Rod has the second lowest whip.

Who I Expect Will Hit The Most Homeruns- I think J.D Boom will hit the most homeruns for sure. He is the only one who has a homerun on his team too. J.D shows a lot of power in the box and he usually gets that ball off with a homerun. J.D might hit the most homeruns for the league too. I canít believe they have this guy. J.D is a great guy and if he doesnít hit the most I donít know who will.

Can someone say 5-0? Caracas is a great team and they have an all-star line-up. They have all the good players and good rookies. Dan Wade I think is one of there best rookies and one of there best players. He is a great all around player. I think that they will keep playing good just because they have so much power in them. They have a pretty good line-up.

Who I Expect The Most Out Of- I think Smitty Springfield is the guy who shows the most effort on this team. I think that Smitty will help this team out a lot. Smitty will lead this team to victory and than he will be one of the more better players in the WBL. I want to see Smitty become active and a way better player. I remember when he was active. Wasnít to long ago.

Who I Expect To Hit The Most Homeruns- I think Smitty Springfield will hit the most homeruns. He shows a lot of effort and already has 6 homeruns to boast off the league. Smitty is a great player and a person who is inactive and active. I think that this guy will help lead this team to victory. Smitty is one of the guys who shows a lot of effort on the field.

Antarctica is the team I said wouldnít do good, and I was right. They are 0-5. I think Jason Rhiner has to do something with this team or they will stink the rest of there season. Jason is a guy I think can handle a team. What is going on? Jason needs to help this team out and figure everything out or I will lose trust in Jason as an owner. He needs to get active players and do all of that. Good luck on getting your team back in the top 5. I mean not back in, getting there.

Who Will Hit The Most Homeruns and Who Will Be The Guy That Showís The Most Effort- Jason Rhiner one both because he is the only good player on the team. This team stinks. Jason needs to get better or trade him-self for the best for him. He is just losing stats. He is the best they will ever have probably. Good luck to him. I think that Jason might do something soon.

Ice Land is two and three this season. I canít believe that they are not in the top 3. They are the second worst team in the WBL. I think Ice Land will be good one time or another but just not yet. Ice Land has some pretty great players. I like Ice Land a lot because I really just like Marc Southworth as a owner. I think that he is amazing. Ice Land is a great team to rote for and watch. Ice Land is going to be the Number one team at one point in this league. I think that Marc Southworth has turned this team around so much that it really isnít funny.

Best Owner Award- Instead of the most homeruns and the most I expect to hit the most homeruns I am giving Marc Southworth the owner award. He has done such a great job with this team so I have to give him a lot of credit. I Really think Marc is one of the best Owners in the league. He sure knows what to do with his team and he knows whatís wrong with his team. When he sees something wrong he will fix it right away. This is the number one guy you want to own your team.


Great Britain is in 3rd place for there division. Great Britain showed an upset so far. They are three and two with .600. Ken Griff, Shawn Walker, and Joe Slugga are the mane players on this offense. They are the ones who will be doing all the work for this team. Great Britain needs to show a lot more for this next simulation because they have to take first place. I really hope Great Britain does well not only because I am on it but because they have made it so far for so many seasons and still have not won the World Series. I am here to help them do that.

Who I Expect The Most Out Of- Ken Griff, Shawn Walker, and Joe Slugga all are the people who I expect the most out of. They are all playing great and they all have 2 homeruns apiece. I canít wait to see these guys hit back to back to back homeruns. Ken Griff hits number 2 Shawn Walker hits 3 and Slugga bats 4. That would be really cool to see them all go back to back. Ken Griff and all of them just never give up they try there best and as far as I know of they accomplish it.

Who I Expect Will Hit The Most Homeruns- I think Ken Griff because last year he played so will without being maxed out on homeruns and than this year that he is he should really kick but. I think he will score in the 90ís fro homeruns. I may be wrong but who knows. You will have to e-mail me your predictions.

0-5. Dublin is one of the worst teams in the league. They are the second worst team I mean. Antarctica is the worst team in the league. Dublin needs a lot of work to make this team a good team. I donít think that they can do that. They arenít playing like that at least. I mean what is wrong with them? They need to update more and play like they are the best I think. I canít believe they are in last place. Good luck to them getting back in a play-off. There isnít a guy I think will hit the most homeruns or who I will expect to see the most out of because this team stinks.


5-0! Frankfurt is the only bad team to turn around the next season and go 5-0. I donít believe this. Frankfurt is just doing so well and they are tied with the storm! Frankfurtís Owner has done a great job on making this team the way it is. Frankfurt is just a great team in the WBL. I think Frankfurt will play so good that they could win the championship.

I think that this team will be the team that will change the WBL around. They are a high powered team and looking for a World Series Ring. Frankfurt will probably surprise everyone with there win. I canít believe I am saying this but they have a great shot at winning the World Series. I donít think it would be cool for my team but it might happen.

2-3. The South African Lions arenít doing to well. They need some offense and more Power. Powerís is there only good player and he gives this team all they are. Max is trying so hard to make this team the best and I give him a lot of credit. They are just not doing good. They should be the number one team because everyone is just getting players when Max Powerís is working so hard to make his team the best. I donít think he will do that just yet though. He has a lot more work to do to make this team what he wants it to be. I still give the guy all the credit there is for the team.

I expect Max Powers to play the best out of all of the players. He is just so good and he is just really fun to watch. There isnít anyone that I think will hit the most homeruns because hopefully he will change this team around. If he doesnít than I have no idea who will. Max Powers just plays so hard and so good that he is just the best on the team. That isnít saying much though.

5-0. The Storm are playing the best they have ever played. They are beating Great Britain and a lot of other good teams. Or should I say teams that used to be good. The Storm are showing a lot of good things this year. They have a lot of power in the field and usually they hit the homeruns. They have two great owners and they are a lot of fun to watch. Sam Baig, and Quint Newcommer are two great owners, they are working so hard to get there team the way it is and I think that they are doing a great job. I give these owners a lot of credit for doing this because they are doing a great job at it.

Who I Expect To Hit The Most Homeruns, Who I Expect To See The Most Out Of- I think that all the players on the Storm will do all of these things. They give it 110% on the field every single time. I canít believe how many good players came here. I think that this is one of the best teams the WBL will ever have. The Strom just hit back to back to back to back homeruns.

Cardís Of 2004 Season

Jason Rhiner didnít do so well the first season of the WBL. I donít think 13 homeruns cut it for being the best player. Jason only played 51 games butt he did get a lot of RBIís in 51. On average. Of RBIís it looks as if he had an RBI a game. He had 6 triples and 12 doubles. He had 61 hits on top of that to make him an average player in the MLB. He wasnít good as you can see that and he didnít win the World Series so he really couldnít help out that much could he? Jason still showed great work on the field. You can see he tried very hard and updated somewhat. Jason was just a new coming super star in the WBL and so was the rest of his nice looking team. Well at least most of them.

Matt Pattersonís first season was probably his best. He had 26 homeruns 130 RBIís and 129 runs. Matt really showed he was good until he stopped being active that season and than after the next two seasons fell. Matt was pretty active and I think he was a good prospect. I think after this season he lost interest in the WBL. Matt is a great guy though and still puts up some amount of stats.

Shawn Walker only played 3 games in his first season and he only was at bat 2 times. He got on base one on the two times which wasnít the best average. Leaving him with .500% for 2 at bats.



Seoul Gets- Sam Baig and Jimmy Whispers going to


Montreal Gets- Dillon Shooper and Adam Brown

Sam Baig is one of the best players in the WBL. He holds the record fro homeruns and much more. Dillon Shooper is a pretty good player to. Jimmy Whispers I have never heard of so I think that this guy is a no body. Adam Brown, never heard of him so he is a no body. Who won this trade? Well it isnít that hard to tell but Sam Baig is the best and Dillion, and Adam arenít.

Trade Winner- Seoul

Comments- You could see they where just giving Sam away because he was going next season and wasnít going to re-sign. Sam is also obviously begging to go to the Seoul to help them out and I think that Jeremy was nice enough to give him his player so really I think Seoul should have gave them a better player in re-turn.

The First Simulation of The 2009 Season!

In the first game of the 2009 season Frankfurt played Dublin. Marc Southworth 11 would be playing against Dave Boean. Letís fly down to the fifth inning. Dublin scores a run to make it 1-0. The next inning top of the Sixth. Josh Andrewís hits a solo homerun to make this game tied. Next up Tony Kobbís. He hits a solo homerun! Now the score 2-1 at the top of the sixth. Letís bring you over to the 9th inning. Jason Hernandez pops a two run homerun to win the game and the score would end up 4-1 Frankfurt. Mark Southworth 11 pitched 14 strikeouts to get the Win.

My Batter Of The Game- I would give it to Josh Andrewís for tuning the team around and making them back in the game and than get enough strength to pump up the team and make the win this game. I believe it was all his fault for the reason they won and this guy is one of the guys you have to look out for at the next games. Josh Andrewís can do what he wants and what he wants he will most likely do.

My Pitcher Of The Game- Marc Southworth 11 showed why he is so good with the game he played. He could be one of the best WBL Pitchers right now and you might not even now it. I want to see this guy do another show like he did to day. I think it was amazing and so much fun to do. I canít wait to host his show and see him get a higher recorded.

WBLís Best Cards 1-5


Jason Rhiner is by far one of the best if not the best players in the WBL and if not the best player in the WBL. Jason is maxed out on a lot of things in the WBL. The one sad thing he isnít maxed out on is strikeouts. Jason hit 79 homeruns last year and this year in 10 games has hit 10 homeruns. One per game as many would say. Jason has a lot of power when he bats and also he has a lot of strength. All of these things make Jason Rhiner the best WBL Card in the world.


Blake Roberts is the second most best card in the WBL. He has 5 homerun so far in this 10 game season. I think Blake will just keep getting better. He will probably score in the 70ís for homeruns because last year he scored around there and I really havenít seen him getting better. Also for two years straight he hit 85 homeruns so that also helped me get my guess of how many homeruns he will hit. Blake Robertís is active but doesnít update at all. He may do a site but nothing more than that.


Ken Griff is probably the third best card in the WBL. He is active but doesnít update to much. He will do a trash talk here and there but he wont get higher than a four. Ken Griff is a great player and I think his card is valuable. I am not saying that just because I own the play but because I am going to be maxed out on everything once I get better on Ken GriffJr. Ken Griff is a lot of fun to right a bout and really he is worth a lot for a team. He isnít the number 3 player in the WBL for sure, just the number 3 card.


Shawn Walker is a great player coming off a great season. His stats show it all. He had 92 homeruns last season to make him one of the few players to ever reach 90. Shawn Walker is a great player and he is what the pitchers hate to face. Shawn Walker is just really a great player and he really should be number 3 but I didnít see him in the pictures. I expect him to hit in the 80ís or 90ís for homeruns this season because the way he acted last season he sure looks like he wants 100 homeruns.


Joe Slugga is the number 5th card because he isnít active anymore. If he was active he would be number 4 and Ken Griff would be number five. He is one of the key players on the team and if they didnít have him the would not be as good as they are. He owns Great Britain and that helps the team out a lot. Joe Slugga is famous but not active. I just wish he was active again because it would help the team out a lot. Joe Slugga is still a great player though.

Prospect Report- The Players That Are Off The Prospect List

There is only one player who is off the prospect list and that is Ken Griff Jr. He has a great shot at the Rookie Of The Year. Surprisingly he is in first for a couple of things and beating Max Powerís to. He is in second for strikeouts, which I have never seen a rookie do. I think this is the year for Ken Griff Jr. to shine. He may be 1-2 but he sure will change that soon enough. In the next two updates he should never lose a game unless there are so many homeruns in it or we are playing a good team. Ken Griff Jr. isnít one to lose. He doesnít like losing at all. Ken Griff Jr. will be at 50 on strikeouts on the next four updates. Ken Griff Jr. is doing WBL Weekly to help him get more points. I think that this guy has a great chance of winning the Rookie Of The Year. Ken Griff Jr. will surprise you soon enough. Ken Griff Jr. is very happy that he is off the prospect list because he has a better shot at the Rookie Of The Year. Ken Griff Jr said " I am really unhappy with my record but you will see a change. I am ready to beat any team I face."



That my friend is Mr. Boom, hes been showing us some stuff this season. Lot of homeruns I can tell you that. I really havenít seen that much in a while. Boom is a really cool guy even though he quit the WBL once or twice. He rights great stuff and they keep you very interested. I really like this guy a lot because he can hit. Boom plays every man for him self. I like his every move. Boom is a cool guy to be around even though he quit the WBL once or twice. Man his homeruns just impress me so much that I want to drop down and cry. I really like this guy as a player and he is the next Babe Ruth.

Mark Southworth is one of the best graders the WBL has ever had and if it werenít for Marc Southworth the WBL wouldnít be here today. Marc Southworth is the owner of the Ice Land Ice Cats and he is doing a good job at it. Marc is a cool play to watch and he is also a great role model. I think Marc Southworth is a key player but a cool one to.

Breaking News!

Antarctica Chill have just signed Ken Griff/ Ken Griff Jr. to help them get out of there terrible mess. Good luck to Ken Griff. Antarctica are really having some tuff times so hopefully Ken Griff can brake them and make them look better than they are. It is funny how he would want to help out when he is al the way in Great Britain donít you think? Anyways it is pretty cool doing that though. Owning a team in the United States. He told us that is all he wanted to do. I mean be a General Manager in the United States.

I would give it to A NX because he is the best guy in the WBL and he is so cool. I would also give it to Shawn Baig because he is playing amazing compared to last week. I think A NX got luck with 13 homeruns but Shawn is really rocking the WBL. Well Shawn Baig is going to lead in everything there is and than next year he is going to stink. I think thatís the way it is in the WBL.

Iíd give it to Ken Griff Jr because he is doing a great job and playing so good and than the next guy I donít know. I think Ken Griff Jr should get it because he has so many strikeouts and leads in so many things. It would be nice to see someone like Griff Jr win the Rookie Of The Month. He sure needs the points to help him survive and do WBL weekly at the same time


I would give it to Jeremy Shirley and Shawn Baig and Quint Newcommer. They are all doing a great job of keeping there team the way it is. I think that Shawn/Quint are doing the best though because they have so much energy in them that they can just keep going and going and going. Itís like they donít stop at all.

Iíd give it to A NX and Shawn Baig. They are both playing so well that I really just canít believe how good they are doing. A NX almost has a homerun for every game. I think that they are both doing well and this is there month. But soon that may change who knows. I think I am right on this and if you donít please e-mail me. Shawn Baig is the bomb though this season.

Well I am so sorry but we have to clean up the show now. Please send us e-mails of what you think will happen to each team in the WBL. If we like it we will put it on the show. Our e-mail is . Please right us an e-mail and we will respond back to you on the show. This was a lot of fun but as I said we need to say good bye. See you all next week and donít forget to e-mail us.

Reporter- Ken Griff Jr.