WBL Weekly Burn Down

The Worlds Baseball League is a great league to have fun, write about and just play good. We all have fun in the league and I am sure you will to. The Worlds baseball league is one of the first simís in the sim league. We have a great owner Jeremy and we have a great co- president Gerald. This league is so much fun it will blow your eyes out. This is a lot of fun and all the people are nice. If you cheat you are banned so really you can say good-bye.

Welcome to another Great Week Of The WBL Weekly. We are going to do a lot of stiff this week but first we are going to look at the first three batters of the Rush. Than we are going to talk about Each team one by one. After than we will see what we will do next. Itís kind of like a surprise.

Santo Domingo Rush

Shawn Baig- Shawn Baig has helped this losing team in the play-offís a lot. He has gotten them hitís runís everything you need to have a great team. Shawn just didnít help them enough to beat Montreal and move onto the play-offís. Shawn recently moved his homeruns up to the 40ís and should be reaching the 60ís next year. Shawn will soon become one of the WBLís best and will hopefully next year help his team just a little more than he did this year. Shawn is somewhat active. Shawn gets his updates in here and there and you really just canít tell if he is active or not. He will show you a great site and that is for sure but that isnít all he shows you. He showís you that you work for what you get and that you donít complain with your grade weather you like it or not and that is one of the big things I learned from Shawn. Shawn has a brother named Sam who is a little better than him to say the least. Anyways Shawn told me that "Next year we would see a big improvement in him." Shawn is a great lead-off for his team so if you ever need a leaf off just please look for Shawn or someone like him because for sure he will bring home the glory and a ring. Shawn is good friends with me because we are around the same age and really we just love to have plane fun with each other. Shawn and I are pretty tight. We talk every now and than about different stuff but if you watch Shawn you see that he is improving very fast. Shawn will be one of the best in the WBL soon and should move up to a higher hitting spot. As of right now he is a lead-off and is doing great. He fitís his job so well he will probably take slick fielder award. I can even make a bet on that.

Marc Southworth- Marc Southworth is by far one of the best players in the WBL just because of his talent and all that. He can hit homeruns doubles anything you really want him to do he will do it. He barley strikeouts and if you ever watch him in a game you will see what I mean. Marc just didnít give %110 on the field that last game. He gave %100 but that wasnít enough to give him the win. Marc is fast and very talented. He has either the most points in the WBL or the second most in the WBL and that is saying a lot. Marc leadís the league in a lot of things and also owns the Ice Land Ice Catís which will be a very good team soon enough because they should have some great players in stock for them this off-season. Marc usually shows one-hundred ten percent on the field which is really all you want in a player like him. He could lead-off and dominate the league but I think he is playing good enough hitting second. Marc really isnít just any average player in the WBL. He is way more than that. This guy makes cards and does a lot of helpful stuff for the WBL to make it the best and what it is today. Marc Southworth acutely help start the WBL and was once commish at one point in the league, than gave it to Jeremy who is now the one running the league. Marc is a fantastic guy aside from the WBL. As I said he does a lot for the league and really puts a lot of time into it which is really just what the WBL needs to make it the best. Marc is the all-time triples leader with over 130 triples. That amazing! Marc should be in the hall of fame for triples and much more. Marc always gives a lot of power on the field and in the box. Marc is just really a great hitter and you really canít say much more about that! Marc is just a really great guy on and off the field. He grades articles and is usually the first one to always grade them unless K-Rod gets to them first which usually doesnít happen that much.

Jason Rhiner- Jason is one of the most improved and outstanding players in the WBL. Jason has come out of his shell and has had a monster season with going from team to team. Jason isnít just a outstanding player he is also one of the best biography graders the WBL has ever had in its whole time. Jason is maxed out on homeruns and is in the race for the most points in the WBL which he is close to in the lead for. Jason bats number three in and in the play-offís he showed how good he was. Jason is now not on Santo Domingo Rush though. Anyways Jason really played pretty good even though his dad wasnít there to see the game. I got to give him credit because I mean he maxed out on homeruns and maxed out on a lot of other things. There really isnít much more you can say about that. Itís pretty much simple. He is just plane good. Jason owns an expansion team to and they look to be a good team. Well they have Jason and a couple more other great stars on that team. Jason is leading in a lot of things and he is also playing extremely well. I would like to see him play good on his own team and do the same things he has been doing.

Ok now lets take a look at every single team in the WBL.

Ice Land is a smoking team. They have a really good team and they have a they have a great owner. There really isnít anything going to be bad about this team. Next season they should be better than last. Hopefully Marc and Domas do really good and help them go all the way. Ice Land is owned by Blaze and really there isnít any other team that I could think of that is better than this team. I am an Ice Land fan or well used to be and I always thought Marc would be the one who wins the game for the team and what do you know? He always seems to do that. Ice Land is just a really supper team and there isnít much more to say about that. They have had some hard times but they still lived through it didnít they. This is one of the teams I would look at and watch for about two seasons because they are going to show you something that you have never seen before. Although there are some new expansion teams Ice Land still will play just as good. I think that they are almost bound to make the play-offís next year if the expansion teams arenít the best. This is one of the big teams to watch. I would give Blaze a 9 out of a 10 for being a owner. He works on his team a lot and updates his players a ok amount. That really helps Ice Land out. They also have Big Poppa who was supposed to be active but he really isnít that active. This is one of my next picks of teams to be on because I really love the owner. That is if I donít re-sign with Great Britain.


Great Britain is a great team as it says. There really isnít anything bad about it. They just canít win the World Series it seems. Great Britain is the team both of my players are on and you can see why I put them there. They are really great players and this is a really great team. I hope you see how I compared them. Great Britain is an active team. Great Britain has some super stars on there team and with the help of Joe Slugga and Ken Griff they should be on there way to victory. They have great prospects like the number 1 prospect Ken Griff Jr but still. They are going to rock this year and we will win the World Series for the second time in our lives. This team is a team that will win the league and show them what they are made of! Ken Griff Jr says " I am going to be so mad active this season that you wont even see the ball when I pitch because it will go so fast. I am just going to tare this league up as if it was paper. I am so ready for this you wont even believe me!" Well to me it sure looks like this team is ready to kick but and really just show what they are made of. I canít wait to see there first week of playing because I am so sure that they are going to beat every single team in the league and score 55 homeruns by the first week. Great Britain just needs another World Series ring to show Montreal isnít better than them. Really I think who ever gets three rings first is the best in the WBL. Right now Montreal has two and Great Britain has 1. Maybe just maybe an expansion team will bet both of the teams. That would sure make a frown on everyoneís faces in the WBL. I mean I donít think it will happen but it sure is possible isnít it. Well I hope Great Britain really shows what they can do.

Dublin fighting Irish is an ok team. It seems as if they always mess up when they have a great shot at winning. They made it to the World Series once but we know who one. Santo Domingo Rush. I really find it heart breaking that this team doesnít have the best owners. I think I was offered a GM spot here about 2 days ago and I think I took it. Tojoke and me should turn this team around. I might only help out for a season or two just because I just want to make this team a good one. I want every team in the WBL to be a good team because than it is harder for every team to win every game. Dublin to me is a mess and I really just donít like the team. I mean I liked it when Zito owned it but know I think it is just a mess and probably will always be a mess until someone fixes is but really that is close to impossible. I feel bad for all the people on the team even though most are not active. Well there really isnít much more to say about this lousy team.

Frankfurt is going to be a great team. They have the power players and activeness to win some games. I am sure they will do well in the WBL if not I am sure they will do something to make them well. Frankfurt is a bad team in the past but I think they have the power to make it a super team. Frankfurt has a pretty good line-up and should be as I said a good team. I say all the people on the team are active ok well maybe not all but %99 of them are. Josh Andrews is a good prospect and will hopefully lead this team to victory. Frankfurt has a great owner and General Manager to make this team terrific. They will have some hard times but they will get over it and I am sure of that. Frankfurt is just a team that is two good to be true. Once they start winning I am sure they wont stop. Wow I canít believe how good they will be. They are really the future of the WBL. I Think that Quigís turned this team around and made them good. I want to see them play the first game because I am so sure they will win it. I mean if itís an expansion team they will win it. Quigís really did a good job and if they do win, heís the guy that should get all of the credit.



South Lions are a great team. They are owned by Maxís Powers who is a great player. Maxís is there best player and will probably get %90 of there wins. South should be a good team in a season or to. Once they see that they are a great team and that one of the other teams isnít they will come to him. Max is working his but off though on getting his team good and active so he is one of my choices to go to and I really this I will pick Ice Land, South Affrica, and 1 more expansion team and GB. Anyways this looks like a good team to be on and I am sure they will get a lot of players. South Africa really needs a team and well Max did it for them. Although there might be lions there and people donít want to get killed it really doesnít matter because it is just a game. South Affrica is just another one of those two good to be true teams. Max Powerís tryís so hard and asked every single player that I think he desirves to have a great team and an awesome recored.


This is one of my favorite expansion teams. Quint and Sam are both my favorite friends in the WBL. I think this team will do the best in the WBL just because they have so much talent and that everyone wants to be on this team. I think this team has a spot in the play-offs but I canít be to sure. Quint and Sam together are a great team but even more talent makes them the best. They are just way to good and this is the two good to be true team as far as I know of. This is just such a great team already. All they did was post once and everyone wanted to be on there team. They are just really nice people and I just really canít believe they got all those players. They have Justin Lewis Jesse Newcommer, Quint, James and much, much more. This team is just going to be the best. If that isnít as simple enough than I have no idea what is. The Storm is just a great team. I would by the storm for $1,000,000,000 if I had the money. I think that this is the best expansion team out of all of them. This is the team that is going to win and kick but. I think this team is the best with all of there players. They might even get Sam Baig wow wouldnít that be amazing!


This is a terrific team not only because they won the World Series but because they have great players and a great owner who takes a lot of time to work out stuff for the WBL and also does a lot of stuff for the WBL. Santo Domingo Rush have an all-star team. They are really just the best in the WBL. They might not win every game but they sure have a lot of talent as far as I see. Blake Robertís and Gerald Schultz are both very big hitters. They are really cool and funny to. I think Santo Domingo is going to be a great team once they get some more players. They have a great pitching staff with Paul and lots more. I think this is the team of the season well besides expansion teams. I think this is a great team to be on to play on to own on and really just do anything on. This is a great team and an active one to. There isnít anything much more that you can ask for.


Montreal is the best team in the WBL and I am so sure of it. Montreal has one 2 rings and both of them where with my player. Donít mean to brag but this is one of the best teams ever. I mean they have a great pitching staff best owner and there really isnít anything bad about them. The only thing is that it seems that they lost there Centerfielder. Montreal Menace is just the best team and I canít say much more. They have A NX and Jeremy Shirley. Shirley can through and strike you out in a matter of seconds. He has 100 in kís!


This is a very good team and is going to rock soon enough. St. Louis has a lot of activeness in there team. They are really magnificent in getting people but they have slowed down. I think once youíre a Stallion for a season or two always a Stallion. This is another great team to play on because they are just so friendly and active and they are really all great guys. This team is a great team funny caring and really they will do anything to make you happy and get people active. Thatís really just the way they are. I think this is a great team for young active rookie players. Well if not this or GB go to the Souel because they are also very nice and friendly.

This is going to be a pretty good team if K-Rod keeps up the good work. I think K-Rod is doing a great job but I think he needs to stick to what he is doing. He has some pretty good players on the team like K-Rod who is really good as most of you know. San Juan is a good place to have a team because it s


This is one of the two expansion teams I have not looked at. I donít think that they will turn out that well but I am not sure. I really think that South Africa and the Souel are the teams that are at the top. But anyways prove me wrong.

This is one of the two expansion teams I have not looked at. I donít think that they will turn out that well but I am not sure. I really think that South Africa and the Souel are the teams that are at the top. But anyways prove me wrong.





Ok now lets just take a look at some brothers.

First lets look at the Griffís than The Sluggerís.


These two brothers are worth watching. Know they are both on Great Britain they should be the best tag team ever. There are also two other tag teams. Joe Slugga and Chad Slugga. These four players are pretty cool because one player plays offense and the other play defense. These two cards are pretty rare to. Ken Griff on there was a Menace and now he is a Red Coat. Something else that is cool is that they are all on the same team and that they both are great players. I really donít like talking about my-self but I guess I had to here. Ok now lets look at some players in the WBL. I donít just mean players I mean good players.


K-Rod is a great player. Now that he owns a team he is on a different team. In this picture or card you see him throwing a wicked throw. That would turn out to be a strikeout. K-Rod had a great season and should be pitching either 1, 2, or 3. I think K-Rod is one of the next Dustin Parmelleís or the next Jeremy Shirley. I canít wait to see him pitch against his former team and I am sure if we pitch together I will get the sweet win! K-Rod isnít an easy guy to beat also. He updates a lot and should be one of the best pitchers on the team and maybe the best out of San Juan!

Jason Rhiner is one of the best players in the WBL to ever live. Jason has maxed out in so many things and he has a new team. Jason ownís a team and he is on it. Jason is a super star to many and really I think he has the most points out of all the WBL batters. Jason has super hitting and he can hit a homerun when you really need it. Jason is a great player and should help his team out a lot when they really need it. I think Jason Rhiner is just to good to be true.



Blake Roberts is another great player and he has a lot of power to he is a rush and will probably stay a Rush for a while. Blake is just a super hitter and a funny guy. Blake is active but not active. If you know what I mean I think you will get what I am saying. You canít call him active but you canít call him not active.

James and Kip are a really good tag team. They both have a lot of power and they both are really good friends. Kip is a good LF and James is a good CF. Both of these players together are just really good. I think that these are the two players that will help out the time in hitting the most. Well thatís what I think I want to here what you think.

Shawn this season was a homerun king. I really liked how he hit the ball and showed that he was the best. Shawn really impressed me and if he didnít impress you I would be really bumbed. He had the most homeruns in the WBL this season but just didnít get enough to pass the world recored leader Sam Baig who really is the best. Good luck to Shawn next season.





My brother Ken Griff is a great player. I think he is one of the best in the WBL but that is just my opion. I am so lucky to play on the same team with him unlike most other brothers. I think that this is a great time for me and my brother to spend time together. We both are so happy to be on the same team. I think that I have to be with my brother on every team because we have so much fun. We even get to share a master sweet when we go to all the places. I mean we donít like sleep together we are in the same room with two beds but we still have a lot of fun. One night during the World Series I came into his room because he was bored and we both went out parting. I mean it will be a lot of fun when we get to play together on the field.

Thomas Kenny is a great Cy Young award pitcher. There really isnít anything bad about him. I really think he is the best out of 2007 pitchers. Well I guess that is the reason he got Cy Young award right. Thatís probably the only reason. I really like Thomas as a pitcher and I think he should be good this season. Well good luck to Thomas.

Justin Lewis is one of the greats on the WBL. I think that this guy will be one of the best soon enough. He is active and a lot of fun to play on a team with. I think Justin will have a good year next season I hope so at least. I really trust Justin and I really like him. Justin has a ring and one time or another will probably get another one. Good luck to him.

Ken Griff

Ken is going to be a free agrent in the 2010 off-season. Ken will re-sign with Great Britain till 2011 and than probably go to the Storm and probably so will Ken Griff Jr. Ken Griff will still stay as a CF unless further notice.



These two players are the best MVPís that I could think of. I really like how they play and I really just like everything about them. They are both great buys. I think that Joe and Marc will win it once again and probably again and again.

My Perdictions

1. Great Britain

2. Montreal

3. Seoul

4. South Affrica

5. Santo Domingo

6. Dublin

7. Frank Furt

8. Ice Lando

9. St. Louis

10. Caracas

11. Anarctica Donít you think itís a little cold down there to play baseball?

12. San Juan

WBL Weekly is a great way to write a lot and get your updates in I think that this is one of the best things that could have ever been thought of in a Sim league. This is a way to spit everything out at once and just say what you got to say. Do what you got to do.




For the last thing I want to say is that. When Ken Griff got traded I thought I would drop to the floor. I think that that was a pretty bad trade and they really could of used Ken Griff. Now Ken Girff got traded again to Great Britain and they should kick but because of what happened. I hope my brother does good in Great Britain and where ever he goes I will probably go.

It is time to rap this show up. Thank you for coming and e-mail your thoughts to
sixersfanin03@yahoo.com and I will put them on next weekís show and answer them. Thank you for reading this weeks issue of the WBL Weekly Burn Down. I canít believe the time is up though because it was so much fun. I guess time flies when you are having fun. We think that this was long enough with 4,524 words. I hope you read next weekís issue.

Reporter- Ken Griff Jr